Joining FTAG is an easy two step process submit your application (agree to “Terms and Conditions of vending at FTAG lots”) and scroll down to the bottom to select your payment option. Both new and existing members are asked to complete the application.

Become An FTAG Member

Membership Fees:
• Membership fee is $500 in a one – time payment for the first 12 months or $50/month. Annual renewal is $250 in a one-time payment for 12 months or $25/month.

Membership Includes:
• Ability to participate in FTAG lots, catering requests and FTAG sponsored festivals.
• Benefits of lobbying state and local government to make Georgia more food truck friendly
• Increased vending opportunities for members
• Ongoing training, education and support
• Increased buying power of the Association
• Access to FTAG law firm and consultants
• Best Food Trucks (BFT) membership
• Many other miscellaneous benefits

Submit Recurring Payment Membership Fees Form Here

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Pay One-Time Membership Fees Here

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